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Learn more about Swat Pest Management, Inc.'S recent work requests in Henderson, KY
No Name Given Henderson, KY
Requesting service to spray for ants in the kitchen Appointment set
Corydon Geneva Road in Henderson
I have flies, some roaches, and ants
Landing Meadows Drive in Henderson
Previous customer calling for one time pest control service. Appointment set. Phone number from caller ID
in Henderson
Requesting a quote for flee treatment. customer was referred by truck. appointment set.
Boswell Rd in Henderson
We have a sudden flea problem. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats. We have tried indoor foggers and all pets are on flea control. We are not successful. Our basement where the cats sleep is full of fleas. So much they get on your ankles when you walk down there. Interested in information and an estimate on how you can help.
North Green Street in Henderson
Estimate to spray again for roaches at Henderson Hotel. Appointment set.
E Fox Hollow Run in Henderson
Ants and spiders
S Water Street in Henderson
I am moving in to a new home and would like to keep it bug free! There is no initial concern, just more of an upkeep type service.
in Henderson
I have a small house and much would it cost to spray for fleas? I've had issues 3 years in a row & would like to prevent one this year.
Judith Ann Drive in Henderson
My home has a severe infestation of cockroaches, would like an estimate of about how much it would cost to be rid of them.
Hearthstone Ln in Henderson
I want to be protected from termites. Need the Sentricon Bait Stations as it was recommend during our home inspection. Also, what to keep out other insects like ants. And we have 2 dogs, and a cat that live in the house.
S Elm Place in Henderson
We have fleas that we cannot get rid of. We have bombed the house multiple times as well as cleaned the carpet with flea powder and salt.
Fair in Henderson
I'm told the house next door to mine has roaches, concerned they might show up in my house, would like an inspection & quote depending on what is found during the inspection. Thank you.
Clay St in Henderson
Estimate to spray for cockroaches
S Green St in Henderson
I want to know what you charge to spray
Red Bird Lane in Henderson
I have spiders inside my house, particularly in my bedroom.
Brenda Drive in Henderson
I am wanting to get an estimate on pest control for my home, just with spiders, mosquitoes, and normal pest that might become a problem.
Turnagain Dr in Henderson
Ants, spiders, roaches, termites.
Augusta Drive in Henderson
Ants are coming in near our kitchen window and are traveling in our sink and on our counter tops. Would like a quote to eliminate them and prevent them from returning.
Rettig Rs. in Henderson
Tiny ants have invaded our house! Not just in kitchen. :(
Canoe Creek Drive in Henderson
I am interested in monthly spraying for ants, we keep having ants coming into our home. Thanks.
Frontier Dr in Henderson
I have a spider issue. I kill 2-3 EVERYDAY! Ive noticed bites on my children and I have found 3 in my bed. All different sizes and colors. I need them gone!!!!
N Ingram St in Henderson
Bed bugs
Kennedy Circle in Henderson
I have a roach problem.
in Henderson
Minmal roaches and water bugs seen in house. Want to get rid of this problem now.
Sutton Drive in Henderson
Ants,spiders and moles
Peggy Dr. in Henderson
I've got yellow jackets by my carport and in my backyard. At first I thought they were just stray wasps but there's many more now.
Villagebrook in Henderson
I would like an estimate of monthly pest control service.
East Doubletree Drive in Henderson
Spiders, beetles, ants, wasps
in Henderson
We have ants and I cannot seem to get rid of them, they are now in my cabinets, so we need some help. thanks
Mimosa Dr in Henderson
Terminating field mice
B Wright St in Henderson
East Harding Ave in Henderson
Having spider and black carpenter ant problems.
Clark Street in Henderson
This is rental property and our last tenants left cockroach problem behind. Have set out sticky traps and set off foggers approx 2 weeks ago; but problem continues. Would like quote and to know best way to ensure we are rid of them.
in Henderson
We are seeing bed bugs in our home. Or at least that is what we think. We are noticing there is a high concentration of them in my oldest daughters room and we need to have our house exterminated.
Fairview Drive in Henderson
We just moved into a rental home and we have fleas. I am 34 weeks pregnany and have a 1 year old so harsh chemicals scare me but so do the fleas. Any fees will need to be approved by landlord first. Thank you Also, we have no pets but the previous tenant did have a dog.
in Henderson
Rouchs have tried everything
Young Street in Henderson
Looking for a quote. I need the yard sprayed and a bomb under the house and in the attic. Then can you give me a quote on just the outside spray and granules.
Wilderness Dr in Henderson
I will be working 7-3:30. The best way to reach my is through email. I want the house sprayed for spiders. I've seen a couple and I'm not a fan!!! It's a 2058 sq ft house. What would that cost?
Chadwick Lane in Henderson
Brown Recluse spiders are showing up in our house almost daily. We want them gone.
Tanglewood Drive in Henderson
Once a year insect control inside and out
in Henderson
Ants, Spiders & check for termites
St. Olaf Circle in Henderson
We have an infestation of field mice. We've caught about 30 in no-kill traps and deposited them a mile or two away over the past two months, but they keep coming in. Any ideas?
Hallway Dr in Henderson
Spiders, mice, ants, I killed a mouce on my kitchen table. not sure where he came from.
in Henderson
Mostly small ants and spiders
E Daffodil Ct in Henderson
Silverfish everywhere!!
in Henderson
Pebble Creek in Henderson
I have been told by Action pest control that i had bed bugs in my couch. They called and said that their dog hit on a few spots on the couch. I had a friend that took care of my pest control at my home, he's independant, go over there today and said he spent and hour with another coworker of his and they couldnt find a single live bug OR fecal droppings. Or blood on any mattress or box springs. Action gave me a quote of 1800$ to heat the apt on this Friday so i just want a second or third opinion please. I was told that there are exo-skeletons but no bugs or other proof of them. Im FREAKING out here and just want to be treated honestly and fairly. Please feel free to call me ANYTIME! This has me psychologically traumatized..not to be too dramatic. My daughter and I are staying at my parents so feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you so much!
in Henderson
I have had problems with mice since buying this house and I would like to put a stop to it.
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