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York Dr. in Owensboro
We have spiderwebs all around the outside perimeter of our house. I haven't seen them inside yet, but I'm assuming that it's just a matter of time before I do. My only concern is that we have two small dogs who spend some time in our fenced backyard, and I would definitely want a product that is safe for them. Also, I have no idea what kind and how many different types of spiders we have.
Chuck Gray Ct. in Owensboro
We have been fighting roaches since we moved in but its to the point of we need help.
Wilder Drive in Owensboro
Bed bugs
Stockton Drive in Owensboro
We just recently moved into this house. And there are THOUSANDS of bugs in the yard. Tonight. I went out and found 12 slugs. I've decided enough is enough and I need help!
Wood Trace in Owensboro
Ground hornet nest in back yard
Hayden Rd. in Owensboro
Buying a home and need to have a pest inspection done.
Diane Ave in Owensboro
Spiders and other small bugs
Hall Street in Owensboro
Price for bed bug removal on a house
Yorktown Place in Owensboro
Bugs coming the house.
Wayne Bridge in Owensboro
We have ants and spiders at times. Living in the country causes more issues at times.
Keenland Parkway in Owensboro
German roaches we live in a trailer park and can not get rid of them the problem is out of control
Woodlawn Ave. in Owensboro
Found bed bugs in childrens rooms, Not severe case yet, but need to treat before it becomes a severe infestation.
Fern Hill Dr. in Owensboro
Was displeased with last provider and have been spraying myself for a number of years. Getting a little older and looking for someone that can do the job - unlike prior provider who was more interested in an extended contract than taking care issues.
Cedar Street in Owensboro
I bought a house 2 months ago, and have a basement my son sleeps in. I have not noticed a problem yet, but did notice that the previous owners had the house sprayed every 3 months and wonder if I should too.
Trafalgar in Owensboro
House is infested with fleas from 3 dogs and 1 cat. We have two pregnant women living hete and a toddler.
in Owensboro
I have a 3 bedroom 950 square foot that is vacant. I need a price for bed bugs heat treatment.
Sycamore St in Owensboro
Only sighted @ 10 need to stop immediately due to making my daughter a basket case!
Walnut Park Drive in Owensboro
We have a large number of ants on the foundation of the house. They haven't been found inside yet. The inside of the home has a spider problem. No children, but chemicals used inside the home must be cat friendly.
in Owensboro
Do all bill do you have pay it up front or break in payments
Cascades Pointe in Owensboro
Quote for ant control
Kentucky Parkway in Owensboro
We have bed bugs. We are a low income family of 6 living in a two bedroom apartment. Since we don't have the money for an exterminator, we tried the do it yourself methods. They really haven't worked and we are considering borrowing the money for an exterminator.
Time Dr in Owensboro
Bed bugs and roaches. 1 apartment in a 4-plex. 2 bdrm 1 ba.
Carlsbad Lane in Owensboro
Spiders centipedes
in Owensboro
Ant infestation, beginning to have more and more and also getting ants with wings. Unmanageable with household ant/insect killer.
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